Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Death of the Republican Party

The events of the past 24 hours just show how out of touch the Republican Party is with the vast majority of Americans. It's not just the swift kick in the balls Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter delivered to the GOP, it's something much more. It's the events on the floor of the U.S. Senate and the attacks on Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama's pick to be the Health and Human Services Secretary.

Sebelius is your typical Kansas Democrat. She's a moderate through and through. Nothing about her speaks "liberal." Oh, but hold on, she's pro-choice. So that makes her "The Devil" with the Sarah Palin crowd. Palin's PAC has been leading the charge to defeat the nomination of Sebelius. She was confirmed today in a 65 to 31 vote. This vote was all about abortion.

Ten years ago she would have been confirmed unanimously. But the Ayatollahs of the Christian right now control what's left of the Republican Party. The GOP is no sense a national party anymore. When the call goes out to strike down a classy candidate like Sebelius they go out goosestepping like a bunch of loyal SS goons swallowing whatever bile Limbaugh, Palin or Cheney have decided to dispense this week.

The party of great Republicans like Dole, Kassebaum, Baker, Dirksen, and Goldwater is dead. The implosion just takes your breath away.

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