Friday, May 1, 2009

Pig Out

Love the Swine Flu frenzy. I got sick more than a week ago and missed three days of work. I was miserable. I ran a high fever and suffered from congestion. I hit the doctor about two days before the Swine Flu hysteria reared its ugly head. Now the local rag says its been found in a local school kid. No kidding.

I was the first casualty in my office. Two of our project administrators have gotten sick this week. I don't have any doubt that they caught the bug from me. I was wheezing and hacking my way through work last Thursday, the day after my doctor's visit.

Since I started feeling the effects on Tuesday April 21st, today, Friday May 1st, is the first day that the whole lung/sinus thing has started to ease off. I ran a fever for five, count em' five days. At least now I feel like I can travel safety among the huddled masses without fear of catching it again. Now the Czarina is a whole different story. I bet she buys a mask before the weekend's out!

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