Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Czarina Tells a Story in Pictures

This happy family gathered to enjoy a morning in the Southwest Florida sun.

But Mama is easily distracted when it comes to watching her baby

Little does she know that a predator is lurking nearby

Snack time, the snake begins her meal

She opens wide so her treat goes down easily.

After lunch its time to relax in the sun and digest her meal.

But here comes trouble...

Rudy wants to play with his new friend.

But after a short chase into a corner, Rudy finds the friend isn't so friendly.

So it's off to Rudy's favorite outdoor pursuit, eating grass.

And after a quick bite it's time to go exploring.

Meanwhile yard work is taking a turn for the worse.

A clip here, a clip there...

And the stress of it all turns to terror.

The unhappy husband returns to his toil.

When suddenly he spots another potential victim.

Success... one fat cat up a tree!

But as with any story we have a happy ending!

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