Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Has the Year Gone

The blog has been ignored with a mountain of writing and preparation.  I've always done okay with Power Point but the whole video thing has been a pain in the backside.  The workload kept me from writing about the year that has passed since the 2010 St. George Marathon.  Last year the Czarina and I ventured to Utah to join my friend Craig Davidson as he ran his 200th marathon.

St. George was my 20th marathon and I'm guessing my last.  I detailed the race last year in my blog.  Breaking four hours isn't my idea of running a good marathon but one never knows.

I've only run one race since then participating in a team marathon relay last December running an 8 mile leg in Sacramento's California International Marathon.  Without race goals to motivate me my training really went slack after St. George.  I really didn't get back into the swing of running more than 20 miles a week until April of this year.

Returning to Fort Myers certainly helped in terms of running almost everyday.  But I haven't done anything fast and not a single run of more than 8 miles.  With the soreness in my right hip speed and mileage just don't seem very inviting right now.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to doing some fall racing even if it means barely running under 8 minute mile pace.

The joy of running remains with me.  The weather finally turned in the last week and the humidity suddenly vanished making it even more inviting to lace up the shoes.  I'm sure Craig would have liked to have had some of our weather last weekend when he ran St. George completing his 207th marathon.  It was another hot year at St. George which is unusual.  Craig made it to the finish line in 4:27 and change.  That's more than a half hour slower than last year's run.  Needless to say, there are things about getting older that stink!

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