Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Rambling

This has been a weekend of recovery.  The super fast trip to Russia left my mind and body feeling like it got lost in the Twilight Zone.  All the while the job search has now been ratcheted up to a new level.

By Monday my tooth with a temporary crown was back in pain mode.  It flared up about two weeks before the trip but the removal of the old crown seemed to do the trick.  Thank goodness it didn't start hurting while I was overseas.  Anyway the dentist recommended a root canal before putting in the permanent cap so that meant fun in the chair on Thursday.  The root canal wasn't nearly as painful as I expected, but tonight the temporary crown fell out.  Thank goodness I'm going back to the dentist on Monday.
A glimmer of light came earlier in the day via an email from Riga.  Some much anticipated pictures came from Masha's birthday party.  The celebration actually occurred back in September.  Masha, on the right, turned 5.  The shindig included a clown and plenty of face paint.  I think if I had gotten a clown on my 5th birthday I would have suffered nightmares for weeks.
I mean seriously, wouldn't you run the other way if you were a young child and saw this guy in the room?  But these little girls seemed to enjoy it.  The pictures brought a smile to the Czarina's face and that's what really matters after all.

By the way, did I mention that I can't wait to see Harold and Kumar's 3D Christmas?  Is that wrong?

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