Saturday, November 5, 2011

1000 miles

Running hasn't been as much fun this year as it was last.  Training for the St. George Marathon was front and center.  I actually had to run more than 30 miles a week and do runs that lasted more than an hour.  I went to the track to do hard workouts.  For some reason that hasn't happened in the last 12 months.

I went through a four month case of the blahs after St. George.  The cold, rainy, winter in Sacramento didn't help.  Working in a difficult environment didn't help.  I didn't have any goals and I couldn't get excited about running save for the fact that I didn't want to weigh 200 pounds. 

So as the weather warmed I got back into the swing of things.  Moving back home got me to be more consistent about training.  The Czarina is always raring and ready to go so that helps on days when lacing up the shoes doesn't seem very important. 

But I need to start racing to at least break out of the lethargy that just doing training runs brings on.  The racing season is just about to go full tilt in Southwest Florida and I need to just do it.

And that leads me to tomorrow and the New York City marathon.  One of my favorite runners Lauren Fleshman will attempt her first marathon.  I'm really worried for her.  She's doing it coming off her track season with only two and a half months of proper marathon preparation.  From my perspective even if you're in shape, which Lauren undoubtedly is, you need a good six months to run a quality marathon.

She's not holding any illusions that she's going to go out and run some ridiculously fast time.  I think that will help her.  But honestly I won't be shocked if she drops out by 20 miles.  The NYC course is a bear and Lauren is a competitor.  Those competitive juices could get her into trouble if she tries to stay with the lead pack.  I hope I'm wrong.

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