Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Money Talks, Nebraska Walks

Money has corrupted collegiate sports, absolutely.  Nebraska is the shining example.  If all the sources and news reports are true, the Cornhuskers have decided to pick up their ball and go play with the likes of Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio State.

I can hardly blame the Huskers.  They could never really compete in the collegiate arms race against the likes of Texas and Oklahoma, especially the Longhorns, a school that generates endless amounts of money.  Nebraska got out of the Big 12 while the getting was good.

On a personal level I hate it.  Of all of the traditional rivals that play Kansas, the Big Red was the one I liked and respected the most.  Their fans were classy.  They traveled.  They used to fill up Memorial Stadium in Lawrence with a sea of red.  I'll never forget the antics of the late Huskers' hoops coach Joe Cipriano or the wonderful drama at the Big 8 indoor staged on Nebraska's then brand new track at the Devaney Center. 

This couldn't have come at a worst time for the Jayhawks.  Lew Perkins has been mortally wounded by a scandal.  Kansas desperately needs to either hook up with the Pac 10, which makes absolutely no sense, or better still, run headlong with the Huskers into the Big 10. 

God bless Lew for doing everything he could to build Kansas into a football power.  Despite my intense dislike for the man I think he could see this day coming.  He knew the Jayhawks would be hung out to dry when the big money squeeze came to college sports unless KU could bring a good football team to the table. 

Despite KU's basketball history the money that sport generates is a gnat on an elephant's ass in the face of football.  If Perkins doesn't work some magic KU is headed to the Mountain West or worst still to Conference USA. 

And that's what I hate about money corrupting collegiate sports.  I miss the old Big 8.  I miss the basketball tournament every March in Kansas City.  Texas and its money devoured the Big 8 and now that same money is destroying the Big 12.

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