Tuesday, June 22, 2010

900 miles and counting

The St. George Marathon is less than four months away.  I've got to get motivated and start doing some serious long runs.  We're talking at least two and a half hours.  I want to get up next Sunday morning and join a group that leaves at 8 a.m. from the Fleet Feet store.  I've just got to convince myself that the company is more important than sleeping in.

Running is tough right now.  I'm adjusting to the rigors of working eight to nine hours a day.  I'd gotten soft having been unemployed or under employed for 10 months.  I want to collapse on the couch when I get home at night.  So far I've only managed three to four mile runs most nights despite the great weather we're experiencing in Sacramento.  I did manage 11 on Sunday.

I'm hoping when my schedule shifts to nights I will adapt quickly to morning runs.  Currently I'm working days as I undergo training on the various systems it takes to produce a newscast and post stories, pictures, etc; to our Internet site.  A lot has changed in the three plus years I've been away from a newsroom.  Chief among them is the fact that our producers make their own graphics.  Those are the items you see in the newscast like maps, mug shots and those clever over the shoulder graphics that help explain a story.  I'm learning how to make those too.

Here's to morning runs and a return to 40 mile plus weeks.


  1. Dude, you are such a baby. In Fort Myers, it was, "Waaaah, it's so humid and hot. I can't run anything over 10 miles in this!" Now it's "Waaaah, I'm working 8 hours a day!"

    Suck it up and run.

  2. Ha! I'd say suck it up and run but I need to get my arse out there more this week. These 100 degree days are making me a wienie. I've jumped back on the treadmill, but golly I need to add some miles.