Sunday, June 27, 2010

102 Degrees

That's what the thermometer read in my Escape when I got to the grocery store this afternoon.  As I got out of my SUV and made the short walk into the Safeway the sun seemed to blast off the asphalt parking lot.  I thought to myself, Phoenix. 

I lived in Phoenix for three years.  I remember it reaching 100 degrees in late March.  My first trip to Phoenix as I walked out of the jet way and I felt that I had stepped into a blast furnace.  It just envelops you in a shell of heat. 

Sacramento won't hit 115 degrees but 105 is not uncommon.  It's much different than the heat I experienced living in Fort Myers.  It rarely got above 95 degrees.  But when you add in the humidity and dew points above 75 degrees it could feel like 105.  I'll take the 95 with a heavy dose of humidity, thank you!

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