Friday, June 18, 2010

Masha's New Best Friend

One of my concerns about the visit now underway in Fort Myers is how Masha would react to Rudy.  Her encounters with pets have been very limited.  But as you can see the two have become fast friends.

The Czarina had a basic fear of cats and dogs when we got married.  At the time I had two felines.  She quickly adjusted to my cats.  Rudy's been our only cat for the last eight years.  He's as friendly and mellow as any cat I've ever known and I attribute that to Andrei, my step-son, who gave Rudy plenty of attention when he was a kitten.
Masha's even learned our little trick to make Rudy work for his treats.  We put them on the narrow ledge just off the kitchen and he'll stand up and knock the nuggets off and gobble them up.  He's pretty smart about retrieving the goodies.  Of course, he's the only cat I've had that can open sliding doors and latch doors.

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