Friday, January 13, 2012


This has been an intolerably long week.  The job search is dragging on to a point where a feeling of hopelessness is beginning to set in.  I'm going to try some new things to shake up the routine and inject some energy into my day. 

Making matters worse is a nagging problem with my left hamstring.  It started bothering me just after Christmas and while it is not a full blown muscle pull it's very sore.  I took five days off with light walking, biking and eliptical training before returning to some short runs.  The time off didn't help and the bulk of our racing season is just around the corner.  I'm going to run a couple of more days and if the soreness persists then I'll give it another week.

On the better news front we'll be getting a visit from Chris and Rachel Ronan in a couple of weeks.  A new Bruce Springsteen album is coming out later this year.  Better still, the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials are tomorrow in Houston.  Remarkably the event is not being live streamed but will be shown on a tape delay by NBC.  You would think in this world of Internet coverage everywhere NBC would take advantage of it to make a little extra money.  I know I'd pay 10 dollars to watch the races live.

Finally I've been listening to one of my favorite overlooked albums.  I somehow overlooked George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" when I was a teenager.  As an adult I never get tired of listening to it.  It's been more than 10 years since Harrison died from brain cancer.

I recently watched Martin Scorcese's documentary on Harrison which left a lot to be desired.  It paled in comparison his film on Bob Dylan.  I think he tried to fit too many ideas into too long of a documentary.  The program was in desperate need of editing.  But then George probably would have liked it that way. 

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