Thursday, August 20, 2009

World Leader - Pretend

Any claim ESPN makes as the world wide leader in sports fell to pieces today during the 6 p.m. airing of Sports Center. The lead story, Plaxico Burress pleading guilty to a gun charge and agreeing to a two year prison stint. Really, this was the most important story in the world of sports.

Never mind the fact that Memphis had its entire 2008 season flushed down the toilet by the NCAA. Never mind the fact that this is the second time in John Calipari's career that this has happened. Never mind the fact that Calipari fled Memphis and is the head coach at one of the nation's legendary basketball power Kentucky.

But that story pales when you consider what Usain Bolt did today on the track in Berlin. He destroyed the world record for 200 meters by 11-tenths of a second. Consider this. In five consecutive championship finals, last year's Olympics and this year's world championships, Bolt has set or been part of setting five consecutive world records. Think about it. Five consecutive world records.

Bolt is now in the pantheon of some of the world's greatest athletes, but deemed unworthy to be the lead story by ESPN. An aging wide receiver going to prison for being just plain stupid is a bigger deal. ESPN, world leader pretend.

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  1. Aside from ESPN's general ignorance, I find most sports news outlets treat track as the ugly stepsister. If they'd pay attention they'd find some exciting things going on in sports other than basketball and football. (I will agree with you on the Memphis thing, though-and I don't follow basketball except during NCAA bracket time.)

    Usain is simply incredible to watch. Seemingly effortless and yet so fast.