Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jonathan Parks

It was like watching a little girl getting the best gift in the world on Christmas morning. The Czarina got to spend a good half hour or so holding seven week old Jonathan Graham Parks at a party we attended tonight. It was pretty funny at first because when Mom handed the little one over the Czarina had a look of trepidation.

Then the little guy started fussing but within a few minutes he was dozing. The Czarina even got to feed him. She was in her element and just pleased as punch. I think it helped fill a big hole that she experienced in not getting more quality time with our granddaughter who is now age 3. The Czarina was in Latvia for the birth but and stayed for a couple of weeks but she really didn't get to play Babushka.

The party itself was great and although we were the oldest folks there by 20 years or so it was an enjoyable get together. It was good to get out and enjoy the company of good people. It was great to hear the excitement in my wife's voice talking about the pleasure she had holding a baby. I think she was in shock that the Parks entrusted their little one with her. It made the weekend!

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