Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Part 2 = FAIL

I listened to it on the radio and then I watched it on TV.  Part of what he had to say sounded like he realized that he has a serious problem.  But more importantly he still believes that he's above the rest of us.  His statement completely missed the mark on two very key issues.

1.  The tabloid media:  Sorry, you can bitch and moan about their invasion of your life, your wife's and your children, but you brought this on yourself.  Nothing you do or say now is going to change that and the paparazzi are not going away.  Standing at that podium acting holier than thou and bashing them for doing their job, albiet a disgusting profession, only deflects from the real issue which was Tiger's abhorrant behavior.

2.  The holiday wreck:  Sorry, that issue is not a topic that you can pass off as something between you and your wife.  You went scrambling out of your house in the wee morning hours and plowed into a tree.  It involved law enforcement.  The thing that chaps my ass is the protest that there was no domestic violence.  What about the bashed in window on your SUV?  Just because the Florida Highway Patrol did a sorry ass job investigating what happened that night doesn't mean you can skate and not give some accounting for your actions and the actions of your wife.

In my final analysis Tiger has a lot more 12 step work to do.  His marriage is toast.  The message he delivered rang hollow with me.  The sad part in a year or two all of the sponsors will come back and like Kobe his reputation will be resurrected.  Americans are suckers, just ask the late Ted Kennedy!

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