Friday, February 12, 2010

I Hate it When Doctors Are Right

 So when I visited the doctor last week for my bathroom woes he mentioned that he had been seeing these infections turn into respiratory issues.  Now I gave him when if these WTF?!?!? looks because I couldn't see how my visits to the toilet could be interconnected to my sore throat.  Sure enough by Monday I had a full blown cold.  It's been one of these nagging, drippy, but not totally knock you on your ass colds.  I felt good enough to work and good enough to run.

But Wednesday night I made the mistake of running hard.  Just four miles but a fast four miles and my lungs froze up like a water pump in Fargo during a February blizzard.  By Thursday morning there was a lot of blood in my sputem so I went back to the doctor to get antibiotics.  He wasn't surprised to see me.

Usually these respiratory things run there gamet in three or four days but this one seems to be sticking around.  Did I mention I don't like being sick?  The only positive fallout is that whatever I have the Czarina's picked it up as well.  She never gets sick!  I'm sure I'll have hell to pay!

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