Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Trip

It's day five in Lawrence and I'm beginning to wear out. I've managed to see just about everybody I wanted to see. I had a fine Friday night out with the Rileys, a fabulous time in Topeka watching Roy Wedge and Lawrence High romp at the Seaman Invitational, a wonderful lunch in Lawrence with the Bloemkers, and a great time at the Sand Rat Race Sunday morning and then another lunch with Sand Rat champion Chris Ronan.

In the midst of all this I also managed a family gathering at my sister Karen's Saturday night. It was an evening chock full of cousins and other family friends. My poor brother-in-law Bob had made the mistake of driving out with me and was desperate to get home after a couple of hours of the revelry. I can't blame him.

The whole trip started with a visit to Kansas City and the new digs that house KMBC, the ABC affiliate. I got a courtesy job interview that did a lot to lift my spirits. I sat in on the morning meeting and offered up one lame story idea but it felt great to be in the mix. I think Gerry Roberts, the AND there, was shocked at how many people on their staff I knew and or had worked with. Gerry was the very first producer I interned under in 1978. I don't think he would appreciate me sharing that information. It's nice to know that some of the really good folks in KC television news respect you.

I've got two days to go before rolling back to Fort Myers. I've got one last stop tomorrow with the MAC Daddy and my trip will be complete. I'm ready to see the Czarina!

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