Friday, October 16, 2009

Diamonds and Rust

The PBS series American Masters featured one of the great folks singers who ever graced a stage this week. Joan Baez is the undisputed queen of folk music. Her voice is like silk and she had an even rarer gift. An ability to harmonize with Bob Dylan. The documentary dug deeply into this now nearly five decades old relationship. Without a doubt Joan Baez was one of the greatest interpreters of Dylan's work.
This cover by Joan came from Martin Scorcese's Dylan biography for American Masters called "No Direction Home." "Love is Just a Four-Lettered Word," is my favorite Baez cover of a Dylan song. About a minute in Joan does her best Dylan imitation. American Masters did justice to the Baez legacy. If you missed check your PBS listings because a lot of times the PBS stations will replay them over the weekends in the early morning hours.

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