Saturday, July 11, 2009

Every guitar players nightmare

With a nod to Hula Girl for linking this video.

A poor Canadian musician has experienced every guitar players worst nightmare. Flying with a guitar is unnerving at best. The handful of times I've done it I could usually carry the guitar onto the plane. One time Northwest insisted it was too big for the overhead. The flight attended turned into a complete bitch. I reluctantly handed my Taylor over. What made it worse is that the flight attendant was surly and nasty to me the rest of the flight from Indianapolis to Kansas City. I hadn't said anything to her or even shot her a nasty look. I should have sent a complaint email but I was just happy to see that my favorite Taylor was in good condition when I retrieved it from the plane.

I've had guitars broken during shipment and it just makes you sick to your stomach. Fortunately the music store was on the hook, not me. There's something special about a Taylor. They've got a sound and ease of play that make them worth the extra dollars they cost. In the video Dave Carroll is playing a T-5, Taylor's first attempt at an electric guitar. I own one and it may be the finest instrument in my collection.

United screwed up big time on this one. Taylor guitar has offered to make repairs and sell him another one at a discount. They know their customers are loyal to the core.

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  1. My dad longs for a Taylor.

    You're right, United really screwed the pooch on this one. I love that Carroll names the United woman in the video. What a PR manager's worst nightmare.