Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Running Adventure

All long as I've been a runner, 42 years and counting, there are a lot of challenges I've wanted to tackle.  I always wanted to do the Western States 100 but once I got past the age of 40 I realized that probably wasn't going to happen.  I did the Pike's Peak Ascent with my good friend Chris Ronan about a decade ago.  When I was younger I would have considered doing the round trip up and down the mountain but I can live without that.

I've also wanted to tackle a 24 hour run.  I think it's something I'm going to do at some point but I know time is running out for it.  And then there's the various relays out there.  Hood to Coast comes to mind as something I've always wanted to attempt.  But this week I'm going to take part in the next best thing.

On Friday the Sunrise 2 Sunset relay from Fort Myers to Jensen Beach.  Nine of us will take part in a 180 mile relay race across South Florida.  The race starts about three miles from my house and finishes on near the Atlantic.  I figure it will take us anywhere between 26 to 29 hours to complete the race. 

The course is pancake flat except for the bridges.  Somehow I'm running 2 of the 5 bridges in the relay.  Another interesting segment has me running about five miles through Pahokee, Florida in the early morning pre-dawn hours.  Pahokee wouldn't be mistaken for one of the state's garden spots.  It's a poor, drug infested, farming community that sits next to Lake Okeechobee.  It should be a real treat. 

I need to pack shoes, clothing, food, and night running gear for this event.  Preparation and patience will be key.  I've got a feeling no sleep will be involved.  Most importantly, I hope the Czarina doesn't get lost trying to drive across the state to pick me up on Saturday.  I would hate to miss the Jayhawks taking out the Buckeyes!

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