Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Boss, Americana and a Little Rest

I took a pass on a chance to see Bruce Springsteen.  The Boss took his latest road show to Tampa Friday night featuring tunes from his new album "Wrecking Ball."  I didn't go for three reasons.  One was money.  The other was the fact that K.U. was playing in the Sweet 16.  Finally, I'm not that thrilled by the new music.  Some of it is really, really good.  But by and large the album didn't knock me upside the head.

I liked "Magic" a lot more and "Working on a Dream" for that matter.  Maybe with time I will warm to "Wrecking Ball."  I think the topics, the heart and soul of this album, hit the mark.  But outside of the song "Death to My Hometown" along with re-worked versions of "Lands of Hopes and Dreams" and "American Land" the work seems dated.  Neil Young already hit on some of these themes with his album "Fork in the Road."  Maybe with a few more listens I'll find more to like about this work.

Meanwhile Neil Young has announced that his latest effort with Crazy Horse called "Americana" will feature a collection of old American folk songs.  I guess Neil decided to trod down a path already taken by Dylan and Springsteen.  Let's just say that hearing Neil do "Clementine" doesn't exactly get my blood worked up.  Hopefully Neil will ride the Horse to some new material later in the year.  It's been a long time since they've created any new music together.

Last weekend's race took a toll on my legs.  My right calf stayed sore after four straight days of training so I decided to take a two or three day hiatus.  I hadn't missed a day of running since January.  I want to be healthy for next weekend when I take part in a coast to coast relay run across the state of Florida.  I'm joining a crew of 8 other runners for this adventure.  I've got to run 4 legs totaling more than 18 miles.  I just want to get through it all and stay fit enough to run one more fast 5K before the heat and humidity tighten its grip on Southwest Florida. 

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