Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wrecking Ball

I would blog about the new Bruce Springsteen album but Amazon has my disc on the slow boat from China. I know I should go digital but I like having a CD.  I don't trust the whole digital thing completely yet.  Besides, I've got two huge CD cases to fill up!  Springsteen's own site is streaming the album but I need to hit the streets with it and digest it during a few runs.

Speaking of running I plan to line up for my favorite 4 mile race this weekend in Lehigh Acres.  If you scan back a couple of years on this blog you'll notice I ran this race before.  Although I'm older I think I should be able to run faster.  I'm at least ten pounds lighter which shouldn't hurt. 

Speaking of hurting I'm getting tired of my right hip.  I've had a chiropractor offer to let me try a laser treatment on my hip which he claims can perform miracles.  It really only bothers me when I sit for a long periods.  I may have to take Dr. Ziggy up on his offer.

One thing I'm trying is a different type of running shoe.  It took me about three years but I was finally talked into trying to run in a pair of Newtons.  The shoe forces you to run on the balls of your feet.  I've had them for about three weeks and I must admit I like them.  The weirdest thing about them is that I consistently run faster in them than my conventional shoes.  I did an 11 mile training run in them last week and shocked myself by running under 9 minute pace.  I'd normally be happy to plod along at 9:20 pace.  I alternate between the Newtons and my other shoes.  I'm thinking in another month I may get another pair and go to Newtons only.

The only bad part about this is the price point.  Newtons are about 50 dollars more than a pair of conventional running shoes.  I hate spending more than 90 dollars on running shoes and when you're talking triple digits, well, it just makes me shudder.    

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