Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rolling Stone on The Beatles

I went out on Labor Day and hunted down a copy of a special edition "Rolling Stone" which covers The Beatles album by album.  "Morning Joe," simply the best morning news program out chatted up the magazine for a good five minutes on Friday.

For all of the great rock and roll bands over the last 50 years The Beatles are still the gold standard.  The Rolling Stones had their day, Led Zeppelin, The Who, U2, Queen, Aerosmith, the list is endless.  Yet everyone of the aforementioned bands and the dozens of great ones I didn't list were in some way, shape or form influenced by The Beatles.

I can still remember that night in February 1964 when the Fab Four first appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show."  It stood out in part due to the reaction by my two older sisters who were in their early teens at the time plus it didn't hurt that they offered up catchy melodies and outrageous hair cuts.  It was such an event that it prompted a quick post telecast gathering outside in the winter chill with the Wehling girls who lived next door where I felt the first rumbles of what was to be Beatlemania. 

I haven't opened the magazine yet to start devouring the stories because I'm trying to finish up a great book I am currently reading.  I'll blog about that book soon.  As I was trolling through the web I came across a wonderful cover of what arguably is the greatest song The Beatles ever produced.  It came from a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Stick around to the end or you'll miss out on  some guitar playing fireworks.  Oh, and though I don't own any of his music, Prince is a genius, his Super Bowl performance a few years back is one of the best live shows I've ever witnessed.

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  1. That solo is off the charts.

    It's too bad that Prince's eccentricities have distracted from his pure musical genius. I'd wager that today's young people have little idea of how great he is.