Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Czarina Takes Vegas

The Czarina likes to travel.  She enjoys getting up and going just about anywhere.  So it didn't take much persuading when I suggested she go see the boy since she hadn't seen her son since Christmas.  Then this crafty Russian saw an opportunity to make something more out her trip to Riverside, California by mixing pleasure with business. 

After booking her mid-September trip she realized that a major convention for SAP was taking place in Las Vegas.  SAP is a business software and the Czarina something of a wiz at it.  The Czarina talked her bosses into paying for her trip home with a one week stop in Vegas and the convention.  Given my lack of unemployment I quickly ruled out making the trip out west.  The recipe for financial disaster seemed ripe between my ability at the black jack table and the Czarina's luck at the slots.

So the Czarina is enjoying Las Vegas on her own, staying at Harrah's (which she loathes) and attending her convention next door at the Venetian.  She's been stunned by all of the free food and other goodies available at the convention.  The Czarina is a strong believer in free and finds it difficult to control herself whenever that particular word finds its way into the equation.  Her phone calls from Vegas have been like listening to a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

The Czarina has a couple of more days to go and she's fully enjoying the classes.  Then she has to take a red-eye back home Friday night.  I can't wait for her to come home and hear more about this great adventure. 

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