Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama and the GOP Crazy Train

I don't blogging about politics.  I think writing about politics is a lot like writing about religion.  You usually end up pissing somebody off.  I think that's why the founders of our country did their best to keep religion out of government.  But I digress.

Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment as President.  His style, which is to build consensus among disparate groups, simply doesn't work in the face of the Tea Party antics of the Republican Party.  Thus he's been backed into a corner to come up with a real plan with real goals toward kick starting the economy.

The stimulus of 2009 didn't work because of Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  It was a bill that was Washington politics as usual filled with pork which didn't deliver the kind of infrastructure jobs that would have gone a long way to building a better future.  I loathe Reid and Pelosi, just as I loathe Representative Eric Cantor and his ilk.  But again, I digress.

Tonight Barack Obama sounded like the President of the United States.  He threw down the gauntlet with a jobs plan that makes sense.  President Obama backed Republicans into a corner when he pleaded for keeping the payroll tax cut, "I know some of you have sworn oaths to never raise any taxes on anyone for as long as you live.  Now is not the time to carve out an exception and raise middle-class taxes, which is why you should pass this bill right away."  Of course none of what he suggested, fixing the corporate tax code, raising taxes on the richest Americans, is ever going to happen.  The President won't fight as mean and dirty as his opponents will to win this battle.

But juxtaposed against what I watched last night when the gang of 8 running as Republicans for President, Barack Obama sounded and looked presidential.  Only two of the GOP I heard from last night came remotely close.  Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman made the most sense.  I loved Huntsman for calling out the wack-a-do's Perry, Bachmann and Santorum.  Anyone conservative with a lick of common sense has to see that Romney is the only hope the party has to unseat Obama.

By the way, if Rick Perry does become President, get ready for George Bush on steroids.  That might be enough to get the Czarina and I packing for Riga.  I better start brushing up on my Russian! 

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