Monday, September 5, 2011

Death of the Big 12

The Big 12 Conference is as good as dead.  The defections of Nebraska to the Big 10 and Colorado to the PAC 12 left the conference on life support.  Texas A&M has thrown itself at the SEC and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are reportedly taking a good hard look at the PAC 12.  Texas holds the keys to the kingdom and only the good Lord knows what the Longhorns will do.

The sad part of all this is that the old Big 8 saved A&M and Texas when it agreed to expand the conference with the disgraced remnants of the old Southwest Conference.  I remember when the Big 12 was created we were told nothing would change.  As quick as a hick-up the conference headquarters was moved from Kansas City and as soon as they could they pried another Kansas City staple, the post-season basketball tournament, away from the city.  Bitter, you bet I'm bitter.

The mess leaves Kansas in a quandary.  Jayhawk fans don't want to lose their traditional rivalry with Missouri.  As much as it pains me to write this, Kansas needs Mizzou, much more than it needs cross state rival Kansas State.  Missouri would seem a natural fit for the Big 10 but something in my guts tells me that it wouldn't make room for the Jayhawks.

The rumors have Kansas going to the PAC 12 or even the Big East.  With schools like Louisville and Cincinnati in the Big East, this move geographically would make a lot more sense than endless trips to the west coast.  I'd vote for the Big East if that meant Mizzou going too.

I blame the state of Texas for this mess.  Specifically, I blame the Texas Longhorns.  Colorado and Nebraska flew the coop because it's impossible to compete financially with Texas.  The Longhorns can outspend any three school in the Big 12 combined.  It's a losing proposition and will remain so because the NCAA does not have the will or the ability to stop this escalation in athletics spending that in the end, will cause its demise.  Yes, the NCAA is facing its own extinction.  It's lost complete control of college football.  Super conferences here we come.  

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  1. I miss the Big8, I grew up on the Big8, a conference that was dedicated to helping one another, in order to ensure more competitive games, better players, and greater academics(for the good of every school involved). We were all like minded people, from the middle of the country, even our rivalry's boasted friendships of fans, Now as I plan my week long trip to catch two road games of nebraska I sit and remember fondly, Manhattan, Lawrence, Norman, Columbia, Stillwater, of course lincoln...memories that didn't take but a few hours drive to get too, I miss the Big8...always will.