Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The World According to Rupert

Never underestimate Rupert Murdoch.  Despite his horrific performance before a British Parliament committee, as long as Rupert has a pulse, he's a force to be reckon with.  I say this having once been an employee of Rupert Murdoch.

My years working for a FOX owned and operated television station were probably the best I'd ever experienced. The benefits were good, there was no agenda from corporate telling us how to cover the news, working for FOX wasn't bad at all.  In the end despite all the hoopla over the actions of Murdoch's British tabloid "News of the World," I think Murdoch has already paid whatever price he's going to pay.

As much as some folks would like to see this spill over to FOX News and hurt that brand I rather doubt it.  FOX News doesn't engage in anything remotely looking like investigative journalism.  It presents a decidedly right-leaning approach to its news coverage.  The only program that's watchable is Shepard Smith's one hour newscast.  Otherwise the vast majority of FOX's talking heads drink the kool-aid concocted by Roger Ailes. 

Still again, Murdoch looked like a befuddled old man.  He refused to take responsibility for the actions of his lieutenants.  Personally, I doubt that he knew the hacking was going on.  His son James on the other hand, I think the jury's still out on his culpability.  In the end, as long as nothing else scandalous or underhanded comes out, the Murdoch empire will survive

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