Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Lunacy of Nancy Grace

The Czarina was addicted to the murder trial of Casey Anthony.  In fact as I write, she's sitting and watching this afternoon's coverage which led up to the verdict which occurred more than six hours ago.  She watches it on HLN which features the heavy handed theatrics of Nancy Grace.

Since coming back to Fort Myers I've had to endure the non-stop Casey Anthony coverage every night.  But I will give the Czarina credit, she can't stand Nancy Grace either.  She'll skip through Grace's nightly snake oil show disgusted by the repetitive use of video sound clips and the holier than though tone that this disgrace of a television talker takes regarding the status of the case.

I watched enough of the trial to know full well that anybody in their right mind could not convict Casey on the first degree murder charge.  Prosecutors overshot the mark and I think in doing so hurt their chances on even getting the jury to go along on the lesser charges.  Reasonable doubt reigned supreme in that case.

The not guilty verdict was nearly worth it because the wicked witch that goes by the name of Nancy Grace went into full meltdown mode.  Grace and her compadres of pompous pontificates all sat there stunned with their brains melting out of their collective brains.  I thought for a second Grace's eyes were spinning in her head.  The entertainment value was priceless.

Grace and her ilk are garbage in, garbage out.  When you put yourself in the position as the moral arbiter of truth and justice the fall is a mighty long one.  Defense attorney Cheney Mason hit it out of the park with his spot on critique of the talking heads, the only mistake he made was not mentioning the victim first, little Caylee Anthony.

And as for Casey Anthony, does anyone remember Amy Fisher?  Tot Mom, meet the Long Island Lolita!

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  1. I can't STAND Nancy Grace. BTW...Amy Fisher does adult movies now and is on this season's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. You should hear her "victim talk". It's hilarious.