Sunday, July 31, 2011

In Search of Rush Limbaugh

The Czarina and I took a drive across the state on Saturday for a little adventure.  The idea was to visit the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach but the Czarina wanted to find the home of conservative mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh.  He's got a massive compound in Palm Beach that sits astride the Atlantic Ocean. 

The expedition was a little disappointing.  The Limbaugh compound is surrounded by lush vegetation.  It was damn near impossible to see much of anything.  As we drove by the amazingly opulent beachfront homes it was pretty clear that folks like us are largely unwanted on this exclusive enclave.  They make parking a real crap shoot if you want to access the beach and enjoy a dip in the ocean, which the Czarina and I did.

But that's off the topic.  The Czarina was more than a little disappointed that she didn't get to see more and spent much of the night scouring the Internet looking at pictures of what we couldn't see from the street.

Rush must feel pretty proud of himself.  He's helped create the anti-tax, anti-government frenzy that calls itself the Tea Party.  And now the country sits on the brink of a needless economic calamity because of his spawn.

We live in a world where government needs to be smaller and entitlement programs need to be reeled in but we also live in a world where the rich, like those with their Palm Beach hideaways, need to pay more in taxes. 

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