Friday, July 15, 2011

The Politics of Hate

Some time ago I wrote about the Tea Party and my fear that they hate President Barack Obama more for his race, than his politics.  Now it seems these right wing goofballs are willing to play a high stakes game of economic chicken and risk the nation's economy.  Politics is the art of compromise.  But Eric Cantor and his ilk, Michelle Bachmann, et al; turned up their nose at a historic plan to cut the deficit because it included taxes.

What's happened to the Grand Old Party of Reagan and Dole?  It's being held hostage by the Tea Party.  They don't want President Obama to score any political points by attacking the deficit problem.  They fear it will only serve to help re-elect him in 2012.  They'd rather go down with the ship than let the captain survive.  A debt crisis won't hurt the very rich which finances the Tea Party, but it will destroy what's left of America's crumbling middle class.

It's a shame neither the President nor the Congress took the Bowles-Simpson Plan seriously.  The tax code needs to be reformed, social spending needs to be reeled in, and we need to get out of Afghanistan now.

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