Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Happens in Vegas?!?

Actually, it's what happens in St. George.  Tomorrow night I board a flight for Las Vegas and will arrive about a half hour after the Czarina's flight touches down.  We'll then grab a rental car and make the two hour drive to St. George.  If everything goes smoothly we might make it to the Super 8 by 1 a.m.  The poor Czarina will be suffering because to her it will be 4 a.m., although she rarely has problems sleeping in the car so maybe she'll snooze her way across the desert.

She called me in a panic last night because the marathon organizers have the website set up to allow you to print your bib number to help ease the registration process.  For some reason when she entered her name, her bib number doesn't come up.  Mine did.  I think she's secretly hoping she's not entered and can skip the race.  As I pointed out to her the registration page shows that she's in the race so I think she'll have to join me at 5 a.m. Saturday morning to board the buses for the trip to the starting line.

The Czarina has also spent much of this week fretting about the weather.  A pretty good heat wave has much of the west in its grips.  We've had record heat in Sacramento.  It could be pretty toasty by the time we finish the marathon.  Normally it's really cold, almost cold at the start for St. George.  Normally by the time you finish it's only 70 degrees.  It could be about 10 degrees warmer plus there's a chance of rain in the forecast.  Now 80 degrees in the desert is nothing like 80 degrees in the desert so I'm not too worried, but it has the Czarina pretty worked up.

Anyway, my bags are packed.  I'm ready.  Here's to a weekend of fun with good friends and a wonderful wife.

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