Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cold Irons Bound

"I’m beginning to hear voices and there’s no one around
Well, I’m all used up and the fields have turned brown."

Bob Dylan

That pretty much sums up my final long run in preparation for the St. George Marathon.  I decided to log an 18 mile run two weeks out from the race.  I never made it to a hoped for 21 mile effort but I'm okay with it.  Today I just wanted to survive and I barely did. 

Between a week of work filled with stress and a fairly high mileage week (52) for me I knew this morning's run would be a bear.  It was overcast and humid when I headed out and by the time I hit 11 miles I wanted the run to end.  I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and I made it home running just a shade over 9:30 pace.

I suspect I'm tired from last week's ten mile race.  I can look forward to two weeks of mostly easy miles now.  I want to do a time trial sometime in the middle of this week and a 5K race this coming weekend if possible. 

I've averaged just a shade under 40 miles a week for the year.  It's not considering my right hip is a mess, I moved all the way across the country, and I'm still a good 15 pounds over what I would consider a decent racing weight. 

My coaching friend Mike told me I should just shoot for a 4 hour marathon at. St. George.  I appreciate his logic, why hurt? My response was, why did I do all this work just to run 4 hours?  I think he's just jealous.  Despite his considerable running and coaching accomplishments I don't think he's ever broken 3 hours for 26.2 miles.

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