Monday, December 14, 2009

Turner Gill?!? Really?!?

I hope I'm wrong.  I hope that we've all just witnessed a stroke of genius by Lew Perkins.  But deep, deep down inside, images of Terry Allen keep creeping across my mind.  Turner Gill was a great quarterback.  Were it not for Tommie Frazier he would rank as the greatest Cornhusker QB in history.  He had a fabulous one off year last season in Buffalo.  So as I survey the landscape of potential Jayhawk coaches I am left scratching my head.

I think all the talk about Jim Harbaugh was just that, talk.  Harbaugh used the Kansas situation to leverage more money out of Stanford.  Harbaugh's next coaching stop will be in the Big 10 or the NFL.  That left a field of three or four non-BCS coaches with better resumes than Gill's for Kansas to go after, like Skip Holtz.  This all seems to have the fingerprints of the new chancellor at Kansas.

First she probably blew a gasket when she found out what had really been going on during the Mangino era at Kansas and wondered why Lew hadn't axed the fat fellow a lot sooner.  My guts tell me she probably put a lot of pressure on Perkins to hire an African-American.  Letting Lew hire the coordinators beforehand was part of some compromise is my guess.  If race played a role in this Kansas should have gone hard after Charlie Strong.  . 

I'm probably wrong but given the amount of money Perkins had to play with ending up with Turner Gill just seems like a big letdown.  Believe me, I had nothing but respect for Turner Gill when he was at Nebraska.  I felt terrible when the Husker team he led was beaten by Miami for the national championship.  I truly hope he can take the Jayhawks to the next level. 

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