Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Road Trip

I paid a visit to Lawrence last week.  My little sister and niece planned a surprise birthday bash for my oldest sister.  As you can see I've got three of them.  All three were surprised to see my stealthy arrival was worth the effort. 

The second most important part of my journey was to get a picture taken with one Griffin Bloemker.  The Czarina had given strict instructions to make sure that I get a photo with the strapping five and a half month old.  Daddy's convinced he's going to be a future NFL quarterback.  He's certainly a happy fellow and he put on quite a show with his awesome antics during his bowel movements.

On a personal note I finally got around to seeing a chiropractor.  I have been suffering for three months with terrible pain in my right hip.  The chiropractor laughed as he ran his hand over my back and my hip.  It was really, really out.  It sounded like a machine gun going off when he popped it back into place.  The relief was immediate but he warned that I will need more adjustments to keep it from slipping back out.  I've been back training full bore for almost three weeks.  The Czarina is pushing me to run a 5K this weekend.  I think she just wants to see if she can beat me.  I'm not sure I'm ready to give her the satisfaction.

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