Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Painter

I'm not quite sure what this picture has to do with the topic I'm about to cover but it is a beautiful picture of the Czarina with Natasha taken a few years ago.  It came to my attention this weekend that the Czarina had never painted before.  By painting I mean grabbing a brush and a bucket of paint and covering a wall in a bathroom or living room or where ever.  I was a little surprised by this admission.

She wanted to paint to of our closets before we have them customized.  We had these cheap wire racks that kept pulling out of the walls.  A neighbor had this company do their closets so we thought, why not?  But first she wanted to paint.

The previous owner of our home kept records on everything including the exact colors of what everything is painted.  So on Sunday we made the pilgrimage to Home Depot with the color in hand to get the necessary things to make the Czarina's painting dream come true. 

Much to my surprise the consultant directed us to some brushes and advised us not to use rollers to paint the closets.  I wasn't doing the painting so I didn't care.  The Czarina plunged into the project with mixed results.  She queried me as to my painting experience and I shared that I had done some painting for pay back in the day and did some projects for my mom.  The conversation ended there.

By Monday she was frustrated by the outcome.  She hadn't mastered the technique of using a brush so the two coats looked pretty uneven.  The Czarina asked me about using a roller and I said go for it.

Tonight I got boiled like a scalded dog.  Why hadn't I recommended a roller before?  Aren't you the painting expert?  I explained that if I had suggested a roller after the advice from the Home Depot guy it would have led to an argument which I sought to avoid.  That only made her madder.  She accomplished in about a third of the time what had taken her about six hours.  She wasn't happy me.  But the closets look great!

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