Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Getting older is not without consequences.  My legs on Sunday felt the way they used to after the first session of intervals on the track in spikes during high school cross country.  My calves were sore and my legs were just beat in general. 

My dearly departed coach Tom Dowling used to equate training to making a deposit in the bank.  Racing always required withdrawing some of those deposits. The difference is then I used to incorporate some speed work, whether it was repeat miles on the roads or 400's on the track during the course of that training along with some fast tempo runs.  After Saturday's race I've come to realize that I need change some things up if I want to keep racing because I'm still paying the price.

Monday's run wasn't much better than Sunday's with the calves still barking throughout the course of my five mile slog.  Today the leg's were no longer sore but certainly felt heavy.  During the seven plus miles I put in I pondered the necessity of time trials and tempo runs.  I have ruled out in interval training because this a guaranteed injury.  Besides my neighbor who started running about six months ago stopped by the house this evening to complain about a groin strain.  He was out running 100 meter sprints with his son.  This guy is just about six years younger than me.  I pointed out to him all out sprints at our age is a recipe for disaster. 

But I must point out that six months the neighbor's gone from a 29 minute 5K to mid-22's.  That's not bad for a novice master runner.  It looks like I've got a little competition just around the corner!

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