Friday, January 28, 2011

Just About Worn Out

I've been MIA because of a quick trip back to sunny Southwest Florida.  I took the red eye back to Fort Myers last Friday which is always a waste because I can never sleep on the jump to Atlanta.  I could have slept most of Saturday away.

The Czarina was desperate for me to visit Fort Myers because she had some Christmas gift cards to restaurants she was dying to use.  One was for a swanky joint on 5th Avenue in Naples.  If you ever make it to Naples you'll understand.  We managed to blow through that 100 dollars with only one cocktail for the Czarina.

I had forgotten how much I could sweat.  Running in Florida is a completely different experience from Sacramento.  My running hat is still drying out from my daily runs.  The Czarina noted that I've packed on a few pounds since St. George and that's when I remarked that she looked like a penguin waddling down the trail.  That didn't go over very well.  I don't understand why women are so sensitive when it comes to issues of weight and age.

The trip wasn't nearly long enough, but I did manage to mow the yard and trim the hedges.  There's no telling how much longer we'll have to endure this enforced separation.  We're both hanging in there and with grand baby number two on the way in April, the Czarina has a trip to her homeland to keep her occupied. 

My trip back to Sacramento was a seven hour grind that took me back through Minneapolis.  The single digit temperatures served as a quick reminder as to why we left Fargo.  Then the flight itself was an adventure with mechanical problems delaying our departure and then a passenger having some sort of seizure which I thought would force us to make a emergency landing somewhere in the frozen Midwest.  Fortunately a doctor on board quickly addressed the issue. 

At least I didn't have to sit next to the weirdo who was carrying a dog in a satchel.  What is it now with idiots carrying pocket dogs onto planes without having them in cages.  Why in the hell do airlines allow this?  Can't wait for someone to get bit!

Don't even get me started on the 12 hour day I put in at work on my first day back.  It's amazing that we can be back to an almost full staff yet we're still short of bodies.  At least one of the other manager's took pity on me and I won't be producing next week, unless of course someone calls in sick!

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