Friday, January 7, 2011

2011-My First Penny

Six days in the New Year and I've managed to run every day.  It hasn't been easy because my work schedule has been like a yo-yo, meaning I've had to catch a couple of miles here and there at odd hours.  Tonight I hit the street at 10 p.m. replete with my orange safety vest just in case a motorist wanted to take aim.  And there shining like a beacon on the dark asphalt about three-quarters of a mile into my run was my first penny of 2011.

I stopped and clinched the coin into my glove covered fingers (my first glove run of the year) and strode off into the night thinking all the while thinking of my good friend Craig Davidson.  People who follow this blog know all about Craig.  I like picking up coins when I spot them on a run because it reminds me of our friendship.  On the oh, so rare occasions that I fail to stop for one, I am riddled with guilt.

You see Craig has an epic streak of finding money every day while out on his runs. He recently sent out his haul for the year, a mere $190.90.  Craig lamented that it marked his lowest total since 1983.  Craig has plucked $8,683.71 during the course of his streak.  I've watched in amazement as Craig would somehow spot dark brown pennies on lamp black streets in the predawn hours of a run.  But the money streak pales in comparison of Craig's daily running streak now at more than 32 years.

Craig is loathe to part with his cash. To say he is thrifty would be an understatement.  But one year he did take some of his loot and spent it on a honeymoon to Hawaii to his ever patient bride Irene.  You see the honeymoon came a good decade and a half or so after their marriage.

But nevertheless, I did find my first penny of 2011.  I think in a given year I pick up between 50 cents and a dollar, a sorry comparison to Craig's prodigious efforts.  But then again, he ran 4250 miles last year, almost 3000 more than I did!

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  1. I found a CD today but didn't want to stop to pick it up. It was 30 degrees with a wind chill that felt like 10. I just wanted to finish and get back to the house!