Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Wizard, A True Star

I've been pulling out old music and giving it a listen lately. One of the discs that hit the CD player was a Todd Rundgren album from 1973 called, "A Wizard, A True Star." Rundgren was something of a wunderkind from the late 1960's. He churned out some catchy rock tunes in the 1970's and by the 1980's had faded to obscurity.

The above song is one of my all time favorites called "Just One Victory." Rundgren was a great all round musician, a great producer, and a musical innovator. I had the luck to see him during his prime at old Hoch Auditorium when I was in college. It was the loudest rock and roll concert I ever attended. The loudness, unfortunately, distracted from the music.

Rundgren is out touring a beginning to end version of "A Wizard, A True Star." Give it a listen or better still buy his greatest hits discs. He's worth a listen.

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