Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say What!?!

Anyone that knows me knows that above all I love two musicians, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. These two men are without a doubt the greatest singer/songwriters of the last 100 years. The news I read today was like a bolt from the blue. Neil has decided to work with a producer that I credit with pulling Dylan out a musical funk that nearly made him irrelevant.

Daniel Lanois produced Dylan's 1997 epic "Time Out of Mind" which captured three Grammy awards. He also produced 1989's "Oh Mercy" with Dylan when Bob's career had really hit the skids. The above video is a promo song for that album which is one of my favorite tracks called "Most of the Time."

Lanois is best known for his work with a band that probably has to rank as my favorite, U2. Lanois helped turned the Irish quartet into a world wide phenomenon when he worked with Bono and the boys on "The Joshua Tree." He has since helped on many of their later albums.

Neil has had only one great producer in his career that captured the essence of his persona, the late David Briggs. Now Young is teaming up with Lanois on a release to be called "Twisted Road." I simply can't wait to hear the results. Neil has made some wonderful albums the last 15 years, "Silver and Gold" and "Prairie Wind" are true diamonds. But he hasn't hit one out of the park, say in the vein of "Freedom" or "Harvest Moon." Here's hoping for some wonderful music and perhaps a much deserved Grammy for this Canadian crooner!

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  1. Neil's upcoming concert in Nashville is part of the Twisted Road tour, and I can't wait to hear some of the music. His last show at the Ryman was taped for HBO. I'm interested to see if this one is too. I truly cannot wait for that concert.