Friday, April 2, 2010


Back in 1989 Neil Young released an album that shook rock and roll to its core.  "Freedom" marked a triumphant return of this iconic Canadian who produced work throughout the 80's that left many of his fans confused.  His varied moves in that decade ranged from country, to techno, doo-wop, to a full bore blues album.  Some of it was great but a lot of it was crap.

I came across this video posted on one of my favorite websites and I wanted to share it because it features one of my other favorite singer/songwriter's, Bruce Springsteen.  This show happend back in 2004 in St. Paul.  It's just one of a trio of stunning versions of this song that Neil has done.  The first was back in 1989 on Saturday Night Live.  His performance of "No More" and "Rockin' in the Free World" were insane.  A couple of years later he teamed up with Pearl Jam on MTV and ripped "RITFW" again.  Enjoy.

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