Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Enumerator

I'm about halfway through training to be an enumerator. What's that you may wonder? An enumerator does the leg work for the U.S. Census. Tomorrow I will get to hit the streets and start banging on doors, trying to find out why residents didn't return their census forms. The test runs in a neighborhood not far from where I live will show my supervisor if I have the right stuff. If today's practice sessions were any indication I should be in good shape.

Census training as a whole is a breeze. Most of it is common sense stuff but as with anything related to our government, the amount of acronyms for this job is mind boggling. I've learned what PII means along with NRFU and I am studying up on initials like HU and AA and no I'm not talking about 12 step meetings.

This part-time gig is supposed to last a couple of months but with all the manpower we have for our part of town I can't imagine this dragging out for more than a month. I'm not terribly worried about running into any anti-government yahoo's. If they refuse to cooperate it's really not my problem. So while an enumerator may not be as call as a terminator, that's fine with me. Here's to a lot of peace, love and understanding as I roam the streets of Lee County in the coming weeks.

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