Wednesday, July 17, 2013

America is Full of Racists

I'm tired of racism.  The election of a Black President 5 years ago brought to the surface things I hadn't seen since the 1960's.  Forget Rodney King, America it's getting really ugly.  The murder, yes murder of Trayvon Martin, only shows to serve how bad it really is.

White America feels incredibly threatened by Black America.  The Zimmerman case is classic.  Read Zimmerman's old MySpace posts, even his comments the night when he shot Martin show what was thinking.  He saw a black thug scoping out his neighborhood and he was going to make sure he kept a good watch on this threatening figure.  We all know how it ended. 

I will say this.  If Trayvon had worried more about getting home than worrying about the cracker following him then none of this would have happened.  However, Zimmerman had no business getting out of his vehicle, especially after the 911 operator told him not to. 

But enough of this.  I want to talk about this garbage I've been receiving for the better part of a year at work in my email.  This picture keeps coming in, about every week or so.  Our outraged viewers want to know why we don't so this picture of Trayvon Martin.  It's obvious this thug was no, slight, non-threatening teenager. 

What these crackers sending this crap in don't realize is that it's a picture of a rapper called The Game.  I would give anything to find out how this Internet legend got started and personally see to it this redneck serves the prison sentence George Zimmerman should be serving. 

Even when you explain to them that the picture isn't Trayvon they still want to know why his youthful indiscretions aren't mentioned during our coverage of the events surrounding the case.  Zimmerman had a criminal past.  One in fact that makes me question how he could even be qualified to carry a handgun.  But that's another story. 

I'm frustrated.  George Zimmerman had a right to defend himself.  We'll never know who threw the first punch and what triggered the deadly brawl.  But the picture that this is the picture these bigots should remember of Trayvon Martin.  A young boy, cut down in the prime of his life, by a wanna-be cop, a grown adult who couldn't defend himself again, a tall, but slight, teenager.

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