Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ryun Project - 2

Brett Akagi was the key to making the documentary "Jim Ryun, America's Greatest Miler."  When I asked Brett 15 years ago to help me, I knew I was asking one of the best photojournalists in the country to take part in thankless project.  We were both working at WDAF at the time.  Brett would later go on to lead KARE's award winning team of photojournalists and now resides as the assistant news director at KSHB, the up and coming NBC station in Kansas City.

Brett talked another camera whiz Eric Futrell into working on our venture.  Eric did a lot of the leg work, traveling to Bermuda, with me to Wichita and with Brett to Denver.  "The Viking" as we know him, is one of the best freelance shooters in the country.  I was lucky to have such an incredibly talented duo.

Below is the race log for Jim Ryun's sophomore season at Wichita East.   He dropped nearly 25 seconds from March to June.  The mile he ran in Houston was the sophomore class record until Alan Webb came along. 

Spring/Summer 1963
Date        Event       Time        Place       Splits
3-21-63   Mile         4:32.4      2nd           29.4-62.1-1:38.1-2:16.1-2:51.1-3:27.2-4:01.4-4:32.4
South Invitational   South High School  Wichita, KS
3-29-63   Mile         4:26.4      1st            30.6-64.8-1:39.5-2:13.5-2:48.4-3:23.1-3:55.0-4:26.4
East Invitational      East High School     Wichita, KS
4-6-63     Mile         4:21.7      1st            30.3-63.7-1:37.1-2:12-2:46.7-3:21.0-3:52.1-4:21.7
Washington Invitational         Washington High School       Kansas City, KS
4-12-63   Mile         4:22.1      1st            31.7-63.7-1:36.5-2:10.9-2:45.6-3:19.5-3:52.2-4:22.1
Wichita State Invitational      Wichita State          Wichita, KS
4-19-63   Mile         4:21.3      1st            29.4-63.8-1:36.9-2:10.4-2:45.7-3:19.7-3:50.2-4:21.3
Kansas Relays                                University of Kansas               Lawrence, KS
4-20-63   880          1:55.7      1st            26.0-55.6-1:29.9-1:55.7 (2 mile relay/anchor leg)
Kansas Relays                                University of Kansas               Lawrence, KS
4-24-63   Mile         4:19.7      1st            28.5-60.9-1:34.7-2:08.8-2:41.5-3:14.9-3:46.6-4:19.7
Hutchinson Invitation             Hutchinson High School         Hutchinson, KS
5-1-63     880          1:57.0      1st            28.1-57.1-1:27.3-1:57.0
Heights Sophomore Meet      Wichita Heights High School Wichita, KS
5-3-63     Mile         4:16.2      1st            29.3-60.7-1:33.4-2:05.9-2:39.5-3:12.7-3:45.3-4:16.2
City League Championship     Wichita State          Wichita, KS
5-10-63   Mile         4:20.0      1st            30.3-62.5-1:36.5-2:10.2-2:44.7-3:18.0-3:50.5-4:20.0
Regional                  Southwestern College            Winfield, KS
5-18-63   Mile         4:16.2      1st            29.9-62.5-1:36.3-2:10.7-2:43.9-3:16.5-3:47.4-4:16.2
State Championship               Wichita State          Wichita, KS
5-25-63   Mile        4:08.2      2nd           29.7-60.4-1:32.0-2:04.3-2:36.2-3:07.7-3:37.2-4:08.2
Missouri Valley AAU               Shawnee Mission North         Mission, KS
5-25-63   880          1:54.5      5th            27.0-55.2-1:24.0-1:54.5
Missouri Valley AAU               Shawnee Mission North         Mission, KS
6-1-63     880          1:53.6      5th            27.5-56.0-1:24.7-1:53.9
District Federation  Kansas City, KS
6-8-63     Mile         4:07.8      6th            29.5-60.8-1:32.8-2:04.3-2:36.0-3:07.5-3:37.5-4:07.8
USTFF     Houston, TX
6-26-63   440          50.5         1st           
All Comers              Wichita East High School       Wichita, KS
7-21-63   3 Mile      14:53.2    1st            71.0-2:29.0-3:46.0-5:01-6:16-7:32-8:50-10:07-11:24-12:40-13:52-14:53.2
All Comers              Kansas City, KS
8-2-63     2 Mile      9:28.6      1st            72.7-2:23.6-3:34.3-4:46.5-5:59.5-7:41.0-8:25.0-9:28.6
All-Comers              Wichita State          Wichita, KS
8-7-63     2 Mile      9:13.8      1st            67.3-2:16.8-3:26.0-4:34.8-5:44.0-6:56.2-8:08.9-9:13.8
All-Comers              Wichita State          Wichita, KS

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