Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Jayhawks

We're talking music, not hoops.  I was stumbling around the Internet last night and found some good clips of one of my favorite bands.  A sparkling alternative country, rocking, group straight out of Minnesota.  The Jayhawks were originally powered by two singer/songwriters Gary Louris and Mark Olson.  Hollywood Town Hall put them on the map in the early 90's but the group could never get any traction.

They were a favorite of David Letterman and created a lot of good music.  But Louris and Olson went their separate ways.  Louris kept The Jayhawks alive until 2003 with what I think was their best album, Rainy Day Music.  But that was all she wrote. 

But the fans remained loyal and from time to time they would perform.  Then Olson decided to set aside whatever differences that caused the initial departure and work started on another album.  The Jayhawks are set to tour this summer.  It's about the only way bands can make mony anymore.  The Internet has destroyed the primary income stream of struggling bands, especially ones like The Jayhawks.

I can't wait to hear what comes of the reunion.  If you go to the band website you can download a live concert from last year which gives you a  flavor of just how good this band is.  Give them a listen.  It's great pop music, even covers like this one.

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