Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow is A Long Time

I saw the title to this often overlooked Dylan classic and it got me to thinking about my current state of mind.  I've been here in Sacramento for four and a half months.  Now that the hard work of marathon training is behind me all I have to keep me occupied is my job.

Time is all I have, to worry about the mistakes I make, to worry about what I may have overlooked as we head to a very busy election night, to worry about what needs to get done for the November sweeps.  Being in my head all the time is not a healthy thing.  I need to find some positive distractions to keep myself mentally healthy and in check.

I miss my wife.  I miss fighting with my wife.  I miss sitting in our office while she works away on the computer and I play the Dylan and Neil Young songs that I love so much.  I miss our cat Rudy wandering in and joining us because he likes keeping us company. 

I have to wait for her to find a job here in California and it's becoming torture for both of us.  We've been through it before and I pray to God we never have to go through it again.  Below is a nice cover of the Dylan song.  It seems Bob doesn't like sharing his work on You Tube.

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