Sunday, October 10, 2010

Le Noise

It took some time for me to digest the epic collaboration between Neil Young and Daniel Lanois.  I've had a couple of weeks now to listen to this amazing sonic trip that this dynamic duo created.  I won't call it Young's most powerful work yet there are a handful of songs that are among some of his best recordings ever. 

"Peaceful Valley Boulevard" is probably my favorite because of the haunting sound of the guitar and the weaves in with Neil's voice. I also love "The Hitchhiker" and "Love and War." You can go to and watch the entire album on Neil's channel which is offered as both a visual and audio delight. Also well worth the watch is Daniel Lanois's explanation of how the album came together and what he brought to the project that makes it one of Young's most unique works.

Finally, I want to say the aforementioned three songs are just as powerful live. Neil's touring days are far from over and if you get the chance to see him take it. It's a musical ride that few other artists can even attempt to offer.

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