Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking a Tightrope

I'm approaching the two month mark with my new job in Sacramento.  As the night executive producer I have to walk a fine line between balancing the demands of my day side com-padres to the needs of our 11 p.m. newscast.  It's a minefield at times and when I'm not careful about where I step I sometimes come close to losing a limb.

My partner in news mischief is a passionate producer by the name of Tim Wells.  His slavish devotion to his newscast keeps me on my toes and serves as a reminder of my need to think outside the box when it comes to allocation of resources.  Tim is a carbon copy of what I was as a producer 25 years ago without the bad habits.  He fights for his newscast, he has a clear vision of what his newscast should be about, and most importantly he's an amazing receptor of information.  Tim processes everything that's going on around him including my snide remarks and acute observations of what I think he needs to do to elevate his game.   

The best part of our night crew is that it really is a team, something I credit young Mr. Wells with developing.  Our anchors are engaged in what Tim's trying to accomplish, our MMJ's are ready to run through brick walls, and are amazing assignment manager Leshanea Ruffin is spark plug completely dialed into the pulse of breaking news.  I feel like a kid who's walked into the world's greatest candy store.  I keep waiting to find to find one of those gross jelly beans that tastes like dirt or vomit.

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