Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen

I noticed soreness in my right calf Sunday afternoon following that morning's 16 mile effort.  Nothing during the run, which was uneventful, indicated that something was amiss.  As usual I didn't take it very seriously and didn't bother to ice it.

This morning it was still pretty sore so I decided not to mess around.  I went to the drug store and purchased an ice bag and a chemical ice pack.  I failed to turn on my ice maker in my apartment refrigerator when I moved in two months ago!  Even though I could do the easy 3 I had planned for Monday I didn't.

Regardless of how it feels tomorrow I'm not going to run.  Too many times in the past I have rushed things and ended up making issues like the calf soreness worse.  Ice and Advil are on the agenda.  I'm actually looking forward to this mini-break.  I'm beginning to feel really fit.  Sunday's run was a breeze.  At this point I just need to do the long runs because everything else is icing to the cake. 

My guts tell me I should wait until the weekend before trying to run again.  I've always got the exercise bike at the apartment complex fitness center if this doesn't start to feel better in a couple of days. I'm not limping but it sure is sore.  Ah, the joys of age.

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