Saturday, February 14, 2009

Positively 4th Street

I sit aghast at what took place this week in Washington. What happened to the Republican Party? It's like they all swallowed the Kool-Aid at the same time. Senator Arlen Specter spilled the beans pointing out that many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate support the stimulus package, but have chosen instead to play politics.

The risk-reward for the GOP is frightening. If the economy starts to turn around by the mid-term in 2010 Republicans could lose another five seats in the Senate. It could take them a quarter century to regain the losses. I don't think it can get much worse in the House because the districts are structured in such a way to keep them safely in the hands of Republicans. It just shocks my senses that these clowns can put party ahead of country.

I can't imagine men like Everett Dirksen or Barry Goldwater playing politics like this or even the Republican Congressman from where I grew up Larry Winn. But these men are dead, ghosts of the past of true conservatism. It's just mind boggling that Republicans have taken this all or nothing approach. Even if Obama fails, I think voters will remember their obstructioness attitude to trying to turn the country around.

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