Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've Been Remiss

The urge to blog slipped away over the last week as we made our way back to Kansas for the wedding of my one and only nephew.  Fortunately, as weddings go, it was a quick and painless affair, although by poor sister Karen and her stoic husband Keith had to go through all sorts of non-sense to host the reception.  It was a stellar evening.  Better still, on the trip I got to see about 90 percent of the people I wanted to visit.  There never seems to be enough time to see everybody but we enjoyed ourselves.

The highlight was an unplanned trip to the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center where the Czarina and I saw the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra with Deborah Brown running through a tasty selection of American classics by some of our best composers.  I must embarrassingly admit I had never heard of Deborah Brown.  She's apparently all the rage of Europe.  Think Ella Fitzgerald with amazing range and you get the idea.  It was one of the best nights of music I can remember in a long, long time.

The main reason I wanted to blog is because I've headed by front page adding a couple of blogs that have become new favorites.  One is by running commentator Toni Reavis.  He's the king of announcing when it comes to the American road racing scene and he knows anybody that's anybody when it comes to running.

I also added Charlie Whitehead.  Charlie Who you might ask?  Charlie was a long time reporter for the Naples Daily News.  He's a bit of a curmudgeon, but he knows Southwest Florida politics about as well as anybody.  Since we're in the midst of a political scandal in Lee County right now, Charlie's launched his blog and I'm enjoying it so I thought you might too.  It seems County Commissioners in Southwest Florida can't avoid doing stupid shit.  I think we're in for an education over the next year or so with this political race and the upcoming Governor's showdown.  So sit back, relax and read.

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  1. Thanks John. A curmudgeon? I can live with that.